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Poor countries are being squeezed by the rich: Guterres

This conference of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) is usually held every 10 years. The last conference was supposed to be held in 2021. However, it was postponed twice due to the Corona epidemic. Among the 46 countries belonging to the LDC, 44 countries participated in this conference. Myanmar and Afghanistan are not in this conference. Because the United Nations has not yet recognized the governments of these two countries. Apart from this, none of the major economies participated in the conference.    

The general session of the conference will start from Sunday. Earlier on Saturday, Guterres strongly criticized what rich countries are doing to poor countries at a meeting of leaders of least developed countries. He said, “When (poor) countries are struggling with limited resources, burdened with debt and still trying to overcome the most unequal shock in history due to the corona epidemic, economic development has become very challenging for these countries.”

Least developed countries complain that the coronavirus vaccine is not distributed fairly. Mainly Europe and America got the vaccine. They are deprived by this.

Referring to the disaster caused by climate change, Guterres said that many challenges have appeared in front of poor countries without doing anything. This is causing a lot of damage to these countries. But they are getting little funds as compensation. This fund is like a drop of water in a bucket. While the big energy companies are making huge profits, it has become difficult for people in poor countries to eat a meal.    

The UN Secretary General said that the current world system or global economic system is made by rich countries. This system is created for the benefit of rich countries.

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