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Explosion can occur from gas line leakage: RAB

The explosion in the building in Siddiqbazar, Gulistan of the capital on Tuesday may have occurred due to leakage in the gas line or some other reason. However, the magnitude of the explosion was very large.

Major Moshiur Rahman, deputy director of RAB’s bomb disposal unit, told reporters this Wednesday afternoon.

Moshiur Rahman said, ‘We entered under the building with caution. But this is not a fire, but an explosion. Air conditioners are less likely to cause such incidents. This explosion happened due to some other reason. Dog Squad members help to identify if anyone is alive or dead inside and get them out.

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This RAB official also said, ‘At last we are trying to come to a conclusion – whether the explosion was caused by gas or by any explosive or not. We initially collected samples from here and sent them to the laboratory. After testing we will be able to inform.’


At around 5:50 pm yesterday, a terrible explosion took place in the seven-storied building known as Queen Sanitary Market of Siddikbazar, near the BRTC bus counter in Gulistan. Two more multi-storied buildings were damaged on both sides of the building. It has been confirmed that 20 people died in this terrible accident.

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